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I Look Forward to Going to Prison

How lucky we are to have been given the opportunity to recover from this seemingly helpless state of mind and body called alcoholism. Before I had the brief window of opportunity to reach out my hand for help and call AA, I was an inwardly fearful type of guy. On the outside I was fearless to excess, I believed I was above the law and could get away with anything. I was always having scrapes with the law and often found myself waking up in police cells all over the world: Plymouth, Columbia, Gibraltar and Cyprus come to mind. Whenever I got arrested I was always intoxicated and in there for a crime of violence.

I was a very dishonest guy and was good at helping myself to things that didn’t belong to me. I considered myself to be a very good criminal because I never got caught, but throughout my life I had an extreme fear of being sent to prison. This did not stop my crimes.

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