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Me, Myself and AA Comes of Age

At certain points of my recovery I have been directed to certain pieces of AA literature by my sponsor. Not long after going through the Twelve Steps, and after reading Pass it On and Dr Bob and the Good Old Timers, it was suggested I read AA Comes of Age. I found this book to be truly fascinating. My sponsor told me that before I could start taking people through the Twelve Step program myself I need to read this book. At first I thought the book was a bit of a tough read but I persevered and once I fell into the flow of what was happening I couldn’t put the book down.



Next meeting of Plymouth Intergroup will be on Sunday 8th October at Onward House, Community centre in Greenbank. Any AA member's are welcome to come along and observe. Doors open at 9:30 with the meeting starting at 10 o'clock.
Vice Chairman
Employment Liaison Officer
Young People's Liaison Officer
Two Region Reps
Convention Convener (Shadow)
Criminal Justic
Public Informtion Officer
Electronic Communiction Liaison Officer

If you are interested in applying for any of the positions advertised or would like more information on a vacant position, please speak to your GSR, contact our website or come to the next Intergroup meeting.

Alcohol and Me - A Message for Young People

Here is a link to the brilliant cartoon message targeted on young people. It is based on the pamphlet in the 'Starter Pack'.

Alcohol and Me - A Message for Young People



Al-Anon Mini Convention

Courage To Change

Our sister fellowship are holding a mini convention with AA participation

Sunday 10th September 2017 10am Registration for 10.30am start

Exminster Victory Hall

Any Queries contact Jan 07828 186443 or Sue 01363 860036

Alcoholics Anonymous Somerset Intergroup

8th-10th September

Over the last 3 years the AA Camparoo has been a resounding success so we have decided to have yet another get together this year.

The camp is situated just on the outskirts of Chard in Somerset and will be held over the weekend starting on 12.00pm Friday 8th until 2.00pm Sunday 10th September 2017.


Service Articles

I Look Forward to Going to Prison

How lucky we are to have been given the opportunity to recover from this seemingly helpless state of mind and body called alcoholism. Before I had the brief window of opportunity to reach out my hand for help and call AA, I was an inwardly fearful type of guy. On the outside I was fearless to excess, I believed I was above the law and could get away with anything. I was always having scrapes with the law and often found myself waking up in police cells all over the world: Plymouth, Columbia, Gibraltar and Cyprus come to mind. Whenever I got arrested I was always intoxicated and in there for a crime of violence.

I was a very dishonest guy and was good at helping myself to things that didn’t belong to me. I considered myself to be a very good criminal because I never got caught, but throughout my life I had an extreme fear of being sent to prison. This did not stop my crimes.

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