“The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking”

For help and support please call 0800 917 7650


For help: nationally 0800 917 7650 or locally 01752 791111

Introduction to AA

On this page you will find links to people and resources that can help the suffering alcoholic make a start to a lasting personal recovery. Alcoholics helping alcoholics and where to find the help. Starting with the phone numbers above which will quickly connect you to another alcoholic who has found recovery in our fellowship.

AA is a worldwide movement with about three million members. So if you are visiting our site with an alcohol problem don’t think for one minute that you are alone and that your position is hopeless. There are millions of us who have found recovery and a happy and fulfilled life in AA. You have nothing to lose by trying the program that has worked for us and in our many meetings around Devon and elsewhere, you will have the evidence of recovery in front to you. It is not a theory. It works.

Support for Families and Partners

Alcoholism also has a profound impact on families and they invariably need help too.
Al-Anon UK is our sister organisation which provides help and support for alcohol affected families and partners.

You can also contact Al-Anon on 020 7403 0888

On line Resources

Below we have listed just a small selection of key AA sites around the UK, Europe and the US. To the left we have local members sharing their stories. We also feature one of the many wonderful AA speakers talking about our 12 step program, their own experience and AA itself. At the bottom of the left column we have also included the UK national meeting finder.

Finally in our list of links below there is one that will take you to an electronic copy of the ‘Big Book’. Have a look. Click the link and click on the words ‘Alcoholic Anonymous’ it could change your life – it changed mine.

Please note that the MP3 Download and Archive sites are not official AA sites and we do not imply endorsement of these sites but they are run by AA members for AA members.